What are our strengths?
1.  Compared with other factories, casting material which produced by our company independently is really better than the others. The product adopts the advanced electric furnace melting resin sand molding casting technology, sothe gas permeability is superiorand it can effectively avoid the casting internal voids, porosity.We can absolutely ensure the casting qualityafter the analysis of United States imported equipment precision spectrometer.
2.  With the super audio quenching treatment, the hardness ofBody guide rail can reach HRC55 degrees and above. It can keep the hardnesshigh accurate, and prolong the wear resistance and service life. The lathe beds of Other manufacturers are all adopted abutting joint because of  cupola restrictions (1 tons of cupola a pack of hot metal) , but our six electric furnace are 3 tons, So our one to twelve meters lathe bed and guide screw are allfor onewith the better Stiffness and toughness.
3.  The lathe bed we produced is all researched and developed by our own engineers. It adopts special structure ,and the natural aging treatment, these all can greatly increased the rigidity and are helpful to widen and thicken the dragging plate, therefore the machine will be more stable and have the stronger cutting ability.
4.  The large plate guide rail (X rail) is also adopt the super audio quenching treatment, so it increased hardness and then could guarantee the service life of equipment more efficiently. This is our particular advantage.
5.  The reason why using the original mechanical transmission is to make sure that the main motor can also play on the maximum torque when the equipment runs at a low speed . If we just do the frequency conversion, it will get the lathe stuck and damage the work piece.
6.  In order to make sure the accuracy, the equipment will firstly tested by the laser interferometerimported from Britain to testrepeated positioning accuracy of X, Z direction. Then the whole machine will be tested according to the National standard. As long as it passed all the tests, the equipment can be accessed to the market
Our enterprise has got the ISO9001-2008 quality system certification and the European Union CE certification. We have established the complete customer-oriented management system which can guarantee the quality of the service and products. With the hard work of many years, our enterprise has been named “the most trust-worthy enterprise of Shandong”.
Our enterprise has got the recognition of the high-quality product and a considerable market share in both domestic and abroad.

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