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CNC pipe thread lathe is a special machine tool for pipe thread turning machining. Its feature is that the spindle bore is relatively large (usually 130 mm or more), and the spindle box has chucks before and after, in order to facilitate the clamping and processing of large-diameter pipes and rods. Can turn metric, imperial cylindrical, tapered pipe thread, can also be used to replace outer lathes, boring holes, internal and external taper surfaces, and planes, etc. in lathes. The lathes are widely used in the petroleum sector, the gold manufacturing department, chemical industry, hydropower, and geological exploration. Other departments deal with the machining of drill pipes, drill boats, and casings.

QK series CNC Pipe threading lathe machine is mainly designed to process all kinds of internal and external pipe threads including metric,inch,module,DP and taper threads,as well as having all the common functions of normal CNC lathe such as processing the inner bore and end face of shafts and disks.
This series lathe machine is widely used in industries including petroleum exploiting,coal and minerals mining,chemical piping and geological prospecting,it is high-efficiency equipment in processing and repairing drilling pipe,drilling rod,thread coupling and so on.

We are a professional manufacturer specialized in the cnc and conventional pipe threading lathe machine. CNC pipe threading lathe is a special model of CNC turning lathe ,mainly used in oil and gas field, machinery manufacturing, geological exploration, thread repair function and so on.

We use electric furnace smelting, resin sand molding casting technology,avoid sand holes, stoma casting internal defect effectively, all the accessories are assayed by imported spectrum analyzer, it assures the quality of the casting . The casting had been through second thermal aging treatment with good stability.
we can can absolutely ensure the casting quality after the United States imported equipment precision spectrometer analysis.
The bed of floor type is the whole structure. The rigidity and width of guide way on the bed of lathe is good enough. The guide way is through high-frequency quenching, the slide guide way joint SD compound soft belt. to make more wear-resisting and lower friction factor. The lead screw is the whole structure (not butt). The saddle is wider and thicker than before, the machine is running more stable. And the cutting ability is better.
With the super audio quenching treatment ,the hardness of Body guide rail can reach above HRC55 degrees, it can keep the hardness high accurate, and prolong the wear resistance and service life. 
The 3 boxes of lathe were processed by Taiwan's CNC boring and milling machine center. The other tools are processed by CNC lathe and machine center to ensure the precision of the box and tools.
The lathe bed we produced is all research and development by our own engineers. These all can greatly increased the rigidity and are helpful to widen and Thicken the dragging plate,
The large plate guide guide rail (X) is also go through the super audio quenching treatment, so it increased hardness and then could guarantee the service life of equipment more efficiently.
The equipment will firstly tested by the laser interferometer imported from Britain to test repeated positioning accuracy of X, Z direction in order to make sure the accuracy. Then the whole machine will be tested according to the National standard whole machine. 
Our enterprise have got the ISO9001-2008 quality system certification and the European Union CE certification. 

Model and specifications
Guideway width
550 mm
Max.swing over bed
Max.swing over carriage
Hole through spindle
Max.processing Pipe diameter
196 mm
Max.workpiece length
Repeated positioning accuracy
Power of main motor
500 3-jaw
800 4-jaw
1000 4-jaw

Whole structure

The bed of floor type is the whole structure. The rigidity and width of guide way on the bed of lathe is good enough. 

CNC system
Standard CNC system:
Choose to configure the CNC system: Siemens, Fanuco,GSK

Accuracy test

First step of the accuracy test of the equipment is testing the repeat accuracy of X and Y axis with Renishaw laser interometer imported from Britain.

Tool holder form
Standard: 4-position electric turret

Select the configuration: 2/6/8/12 station electric knife holder 

 Electric furnace smelting

We use electric furnace smelting, resin sand molding casting technology,avoid sand holes, stoma casting internal defect effectively.

Standard: before and after the double three-jaw chuck
Select the configuration: before and after the double four-jaw chuck
Vertical four-position electric turret;With tailstock;Automatic lubrication system;Turning cooling system.Independent spindle, servo drives, variable speed.

Main Characters:
Hollow spindle bore design allows processing extra-long work-piece
Double chuck equipment realizing better clamping of work-piece
Taper guide bar installed ensures taper thread processing ability
1. We set up TRB (tapered rolling bearings) on this lathe to increase the rigidity of the spindle. 
2. Big spindle bore and double chuck allows clamp and process big diameter pipes;The spindle bore is very large and set up double chucks both front and back and you can choose electric chucks as you like.
3. Ultrasonic frequency quenched guide-ways are hard enough for good wear-resistance;Carriage and guide way contact surface pasted with Turcite B to maintain long-term accuracy,The slide rail f saddle is treated by wear-resisting layer coated, to avoid the crawling.
4. The slide rail f saddle is treated by wear-resisting layer coated, to avoid the crawling.
5. There are two types of speed change: Manual and step less.
6. Set up self lubrication system, and easy to maintain.
7.Integral machine bed adopts high strength iron to relize high rigidity and precision

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