Oil Country Lathe Machine Characteristics?

Oil Country Lathe Machine 

Oil Country Lathe Machine Characteristics?

Oil Country Lathe Machine Function:
Oil country lathe machine including CNC oil country lathe machine and Conventional oil country lathe machine. Q series oil country lathe machine belong to conventional type oil country lathe machine. The oil country lathe machine also named Pipe thread lathe, lathe for process pipes, pipe threading lathe.
a. It can do all kinds of lathe machine threading mainly for turning of oil-field pipe threads.
b. It suitable for processing all kinds of oil sleeve parts, pipe coupling parts, drill pipe joints and various kinds of large diameter parts.
c. It can complete cylindrical turning, inner hole, and all kinds of screw thread, arc, cone and interior and exterior surface of solid of revolution. high-efficiency, high-volume, high-precision machining for long parts of oil pipe and drill pipe joint.

Oil Country LatheApplication:
The Q series conventional oil country lathe machine main used for thread screw processing, capable cutting metric, imperial cylinder and taper pipe threads. It is suitable for oil, metallurgy, chemical, hydroelectricity, geology and others to process oil tube, oil pipe, casing pipe, drill pipe etc.

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