The Harmful Factors Of CNC Pipe Thread Lathe
1. Dangerous and harmful factors of machinery

(1) The blade of a stationary cutting tool, the mechanical part of the machining equipment that highlights a longer part, and the working platform that causes slip and fall, thus causing injuries to personnel;

(2) Vertical, horizontal, through the movement of the worktable caused injuries.

(3) Personal injury caused by being involved in rotating mechanical parts.

(4) Flying cutting, workpiece, cutter and parts cause personal injury.

(5) The failure of lubricating grease filling to form dry friction in time leads to equipment damage.

2. Non-mechanical hazards and harmful factors

(1) Electric shock injury caused by poor insulation, wrong connection or wrong operation of the electrical part of the equipment.

(2) Harmful static electricity caused in the process of mechanical processing, resulting in explosion, electric shock injury.

(3) CNC pipe thread lathe is burned by high-temperature metal body and workpiece in hot processing operation, causing personal injury.

(4) Vibration during mechanical processing is transmitted to the operator's body through vibration tools, vibration machinery or vibration workpiece, causing injuries to personnel.

(5) Injuries caused by mechanical noise caused by mechanical impact, friction and rotation, fluid dynamic noise caused by sudden change of gas pressure or fluid flow, and electromagnetic noise caused by interaction of alternating forces in motors.

(6) The dust generated by the mechanical processing or crushing of solid materials causes personal injury.

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