CNC Pipe Thread Machining Accuracy Adjustment Method
CNC Pipe Thread Machining Accuracy Adjustment Method
1.Reduce the machine error
(1) preload the rolling bearing appropriately
(2) improve the manufacturing accuracy of spindle parts
(3) the spindle rotation accuracy is not reflected in the workpiece

2.To adjust the process system
(1) adjustment method.Obtain the required dimensions by presetting the relative positions of the machine tool, fixture, workpiece and cutter.This method has high productivity and is mainly used in mass production.
(2) adjustment of trial cutting method.Through test cutting - measuring size - adjust the cutting tool feed - cutting - retry cutting, and so on repeatedly until the required size.This method has low production efficiency and is mainly used for single small batch production.

3.Reduces the transmission chain transmission error
(1) less transmission pieces, short transmission chain, high transmission accuracy;
(2) the use of reduced-speed transmission is an important principle to ensure the transmission accuracy, and the closer to the end of the transmission pair, its transmission ratio should be smaller;
(3) the precision of the end part shall be higher than that of other transmission parts.

4.Reduce tool wear
The tool must be resharpened before it reaches the stage of sharp wear.

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