Maintenance and maintenance of CNC lathes
Maintenance and maintenance of CNC lathes
The CNC lathe has a unique and beautiful shape, featuring high speed, precision, high efficiency and turning of various shapes and complex parts. It is suitable for large-scale processing of auto parts, motorcycle parts, valves and other parts, and is also suitable for small and medium batch production. The CNC lathe can realize automatic control. It can automatically process the inner and outer circle, end face, slotted, arbitrary cone surface of various parts and each metric cylinder and conical thread spindle with high-precision rolling bearing support with high rotation precision.

CNC lathe maintenance and maintenance:
(1) The machine tool should be kept clean and free of dirt. Lubricate the oil parts at each oil cup before work.
(2) Each type of instrument lathe spindle bearing replaces the lubricating oil after every working time of 300 hours.
(3) The size of the machine tool is equipped with an adjustable plug iron. After a period of use, the carriage is worn. The gap can be eliminated by adjusting the plug screw to restore the original accuracy. After the adjustment, the movement of the carriage is flexible and there is no block.
(4) After the machine is turned on for half an hour, the spindle bearing reaches a stable temperature. The temperature of the machine tool at the intersection of the bearing cap and the box is not higher than 65 degrees. If the temperature is higher than this temperature, the grease will be dissolved and the temperature will rise again. High and shorten the service life of the bearing, which seriously causes the bearing to die. At this time, stop immediately and adjust the bearing clearance according to (Installation and use of Article 4).

The fully enclosed appearance of the CNC lathe is generous, and the spindle is made of precision high-speed bearings, which has the advantages of stable rotation and low noise. The x and z axes are all arranged in linear guides. They are arranged in linear guides and are equipped with angular contact bearings. They are low in noise, fast in speed, long in life, dustproof/waterproof, and high in rigidity. x to the extra large stroke, can be installed to install more rows of accessories and other accessories. z is placed in the middle of the screw and the force is even. This machine is especially suitable for the processing of short shaft and disc parts. CJK0640 CNC lathe is the ideal processing tool for automobile and motorcycle parts, watches, valves and hardware companies.

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