The choice of cutting amount for CNC lathe?
The choice of cutting amount for CNC lathe?

        CNC Machining Lathe_Lathe Power High Speed ​​High Rigidity High Precision
CNC machining lathe _ lathe, machine tool adopts double chuck clamping mode, CNC system automatic control, can accurately process all kinds of internal and external threads, and has the function of ordinary CNC lathe, high processing precision, excellent material quality and quality assurance.

        The spindle speed of the lathe will be affected by various factors such as the pitch P (or lead) of the thread, the lifting frequency characteristics of the drive motor, and the speed of the thread interpolation operation. Therefore, different spindle speed selection ranges are recommended for different CNC systems. .

        Cutting amount (whether the choice of aff is reasonable, it is very important for the full realization of machine tool potential and tool cutting performance, achieving high quality, high yield, low cost and safe operation. The general principle of cutting amount selection is introduced in 23.3. Here, we mainly discuss the selection principle of turning amount: when roughing, first consider choosing a large amount of backing knife a. Secondly, choose a larger feed amount f, and finally determine a suitable cutting speed v. The amount of knife in the back can reduce the number of passes, and increasing the feed rate f is conducive to chip breaking. Therefore, it is advantageous to select the roughing amount according to the above principles to improve production efficiency, reduce tool consumption and reduce processing cost. When the car is used, the machining accuracy and surface roughness are required to be high, and the machining allowance is small and uniform. Therefore, when selecting the finishing amount of the finishing car, it is necessary to consider how to ensure the processing quality, and on this basis, try to increase the productivity. The smaller (but not too small) back-feeding amount a and the feed amount should be used; and the cutting material with high cutting performance and reasonable geometric parameters should be selected to maximize the cutting. Degree v.
1. Determination of the amount of back-feeding knife a In the case of the rigidity of the process system and the power of the machine tool, the larger amount of back-feeding knife should be selected as much as possible to reduce the number of feeds. When the accuracy of the parts is high, the remaining amount of the finished car should be considered. The remaining amount of the refined car is generally smaller than that of the ordinary turning, and is usually 0.1~0.5m.
2. The feed rate f (feed rate V for some CNC machine tools) should be selected in accordance with the amount of feed and the spindle speed. Under the premise of ensuring the processing quality of the workpiece, a higher feed rate (below 2000m/min) can be selected. When cutting, turning deep holes or finishing cars, choose a lower feed rate. When the tool idle travel, especially the long distance "return to zero ,, you can set the feedrate as high as possible. When roughing, generally take 0.3~0.8m/, when finishing the car, take 0.1~0.3m/, when cutting off=0.05 ~0.2m/.
3. Determination of spindle speed (1) Spindle rotation speed When the outer diameter of the light vehicle is outside the circle, the spindle speed should be based on the diameter of the part to be machined on the part, and the cutting speed allowed according to the conditions of the part and the tool material and the processing properties. determine. In addition to calculation and table selection, the cutting speed can also be determined based on practical experience. It should be noted that the low-speed output torque of the numerical control lathe of the AC variable frequency speed regulation is small, so the cutting speed cannot be too low. After the cutting speed is determined, the spindle speed n (r/min) is calculated using the formula n=1000yd. Table 5-9 is the reference value for the cutting speed of the carbide external turning tool. How to determine the cutting speed during machining, in addition to the values ​​listed in Table 5-6, is mainly determined based on practical experience.

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