Pipe thread lathe is a lathe that specializes in processing pipe and bar
Pipe thread lathe is a lathe that specializes in processing pipe and bar
Features :
Pipe thread lathes use tapered roller bearings to ensure that the spindle has sufficient rigidity.
The spindle has a large aperture and is equipped with front and rear double chucks. It can be equipped with an electric chuck according to user requirements.
The surface of the lathe rail is quenched by super-audio and is durable. The bed saddle rails are made of wear-resistant inlay to avoid “crawling”.
The increase in bed width greatly increases the rigidity of the lathe. Heavy duty cutting of high strength materials
The main shaft has two forms: manual shifting and stepless shifting.
Equipped with an automatic lubrication system for easy maintenance.
The CNC system can be configured according to user requirements.

Product Usage:
Pipe thread lathe is a lathe that specializes in processing pipe and bar. It also has the function of ordinary lathe of the same specification. The lathe is equipped with front and rear chucks and taper bars. The main shaft has large through holes, which can be used to process various internal and external threads, including metric and imperial. Taper threads, etc., can be used for machining the outer circle, inner hole and end face of shaft and disc parts, using corresponding tools and accessories, drilling, reaming, tapping and knurling.
It can process inner and outer straight pipe threads and taper pipe threads with pipe thread diameter up to 220 mm.
The lathe is equipped with a taper that can machine a taper of 1:5.
It is possible to turn metric and inch threads without changing the exchange gear.
There is a falling worm in the slide box, which can automatically protect the lathe mechanism.
The guide rail is quenched and wear-resistant and finished.
It has a large power and is capable of handling heavy loads and heavy cutting.
 The landing center frame can be moved freely according to the user's needs. The center frame is equipped with a long tube clamping adjustment mechanism, thus greatly reducing the labor intensity.
There are four-jaw chucks on the front and rear of the front box, which are suitable for the long and short tubes.
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