Q1319 pipe thread lathe product features
Q1319 pipe thread lathe features:
1. It can process inner and outer straight pipe thread and taper pipe thread with pipe thread diameter up to 193 mm.
2. The lathe is equipped with a taper device that can process 1:5 taper.
3. Turn metric and inch threads without changing the exchange gear.
4. There is a falling worm in the slide box, which can automatically protect the lathe mechanism intact.
5. The guide rail is quenched and wear-resistant and finished.
6. It has a large power and is capable of heavy-duty heavy cutting.
7. The floor center frame can be moved freely according to the user's needs. The center frame is equipped with a long tube clamping adjustment mechanism, thus greatly reducing the labor intensity.
8. There are four-jaw chucks on the front and rear of the front box, which are suitable for the long and short tubes.
pipe threading lathe machine

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