High precision small CNC lathe thread linking method
High precision small CNC lathe thread linking method

SANZHENG  Pipe Threading Lathe Machine main products: specializing in the production of pipe thread lathes, CNC lathes, general lathes, CNC pipe thread lathes, the purchase of pipe thread lathes SANZHENG   Pipe Threading Lathe Machine, the selection of high precision small CNC lathe thread linking method:
The high-precision small-sized CNC lathe adopts a DC or AC spindle control unit to drive the spindle, and the stepless shifting is performed according to the control command. It is not necessary to use a multi-stage gear pair for shifting between the spindles. In order to expand the shift range, it is now generally necessary to pass the first-stage gear pair to achieve stepless stepless speed regulation. Even so, the structure inside the head box is much simpler than the conventional lathe. Another structural feature of small CNC lathes is their high stiffness, which is matched to the high-precision control of the control system to accommodate high-precision machining.
The high-precision small CNC lathe thread connection is a detachable connection made of threaded parts. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient assembly and disassembly, reliable work and wide application range. Most of the high-precision small-sized CNC lathes are connected to the national standard. The designer mainly selects the appropriate type of crepe, the connection method and the size of the crepe connection according to the requirements of the thread connection.
1. The formation of the small CNC lathe thread, the right triangle ABC is wound onto the cylinder of diameter d, and the straight edge is coincident with the circumference of the cylinder bottom surface, then the oblique side forms a spiral on the surface of the column. At this time, if you use a turning tool, follow the screw.

2. The type of small CNC lathe thread, high precision small CNC lathe thread divided into internal thread and external thread. The thread formed on the surface of the column is an external thread, and the thread formed on the wall of the column hole is called an internal thread. The external and internal threads together form a thread pair for connection and transmission. The thread is also divided into metric system and imperial system. In addition to the inch system of the machine tool, the metric system is used in the metric system.

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