What can the lathe do?
What can the lathe do?
The lathe is mainly developed for the pipe thread turning in the oilfield and is suitable for turning of various pipe threads. The lathe belongs to a universal CNC pipe threading lathe of a semi-closed-loop control system and also can be used as a common CNC lathe, it is ideal for machining complicated shapes Shaft, sleeve, disk parts. Such as turning cylindrical surface, conical surface, arc surface, face, grooving, chamfering, thread and so on.

Main feature of pipe threading lathe:
The finished product is with stability and good consistency, which can reduce the requirement of skilled workers. Easy programming, easy operation make it to be the ideal medium-sized machining equipment. The automatic feeding device can be designed according to customers’ requirements. With the feeding device, the production will be more competitive.
pipe thread cutting lathe

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